Introducing new Docker Hub with Docker Cloud and Docker Store together


Docker has released the new Docker hub experience where Docker Cloud and Docker Store are the part of Docker Hub, which provides a single experience for finding, storing and sharing container images. It means that the images from Docker certified and Verified images are available to search and download on the Docker hub.

What’s New in the update


  1. You can view the recently pushed tags and automated builds on your repository page.
  2. Pagination added to the repository page.
  3. Improved repository filtering while login to the docker home page.
docker repository
Docker Hub updated repositories experience (credit: Docker)

Organization and Teams

  1. Organization owner can see the team permissions across all the repositories.
  2. Now you can add Docker Hub user to a team by using their email (if you don’t have their docker ID)

New Automated Builds

  1. Speed up builds using caching
  2. Add environment variables and run tests in your builds
  3. Add automated builds to existing repositories

Note: For Organizations, GitHub & BitBucket account credentials need to get re-linked to your company to leverage the newest automated builds. Present Automated Builds will soon be migrated to the new system during the upcoming few months.

Improved Container Search

  1. Now you will get Official, Verified Publisher and Certified images while searching the images which guarantees the quality and level.
  2. Filter by categories to quickly drill down to the type of image you’re looking for

Existing URLs will continue to operate, and you will automatically be redirected where appropriate. It’s not necessary to update any bookmarks.

Image Source:

Verified Publisher Images and Plugins

Verified Publisher Images are now available on Docker Hub.

Very similar to Official Images, these pictures are assessed by Docker. While Docker asserts the Official Images library, Verified Publisher and Accredited Images are offered by our third-party applications sellers.

Certified Images and Plugins

Now you can also get Certified images on Docker hub. Certified images are nothing but the particular category of verified images which pass new Docker quality, best practice, and support requirements.

According to Jeff Morgan, product manager at Docker:

“We’ve designed this Docker Hub update to bring together the features that users of each product know and love the most while addressing known Docker Hub requests around ease of use, repository, and team management.”


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